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Study of young girl seated on carpeted stairs with white dog at her side. Bisque socket head on five-part bent limb baby body; head with curly blond hair wig, glass sleep eyes, hair eyelashes as well as painted lashes, open mouth, 2 upper teeth, baby dress outfit. Two are in a circular rope pattern; the latter in a heart shape. Marked with the Silversmith’s trademark. Tadema Henriette Groenveld watercolor and gouache Italian Rivera scene with two young women around fountain 12 in. In gilt wood frame. Headboards branded Stickley trademarks and paper labels. Floral motif with gilt accents. Each of the dolls with molded painted hair and features, the 7 in. Marked Sterling, Durham underfoot.

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Aimed at the undergraduate and post graduate markets, the ATC has excellent features including Kohler illumination. The ATC has coaxial coarse and fine focus control that moves the objective turret up and down rather than the stage. Objectives x4, x10, x40 and x oil immersion with x10 wide field eyepieces Mechanical stage with drop down coaxial controls and double vernier scale. Focusing and centring substage condenser and the stand has a cleverly designed carrying handle at its top.

Four position phase rings with a bright field option. Iris diaphragm and phase rind adjustment controls.

There are many, many more binoculars with broken eyecups, than there are spare eyecups. They were made of a variety of fragile plastic materials. They could be replicated easily, but since there are dozens or hundreds of different sizes, it would be a risky business venture.

Sat Aug 06, 4: Sun Jul 17, 4: Often the owners were quite happy to give them away in return for some servicing of their current microscopes. I wasn’t interested in anything other than Leitz, Wild or Zeiss, but have recently sold a lot of my bits and pieces, keeping the Zeiss stuff. The exception is my wonderful Leitz Petrological microscope outfit, which was given to me as reward for some lectures I gave in the Geology Department. It used to be the professors’ own microscope.

It is equipped for phase, fluorescence, and DIC with a nice collection of objectives. Lovely inverted microscope with LWD phase objectives and a mechanical stage. Great for pond water.

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Ernst Leitz Microscope 9 out of 10 based on 87 ratings. Who Made Microscope The true inventor of the compound microscope is actually up for debate. There are some who claim that Roger Bacon, who was a 13th century philosopher and friar.

A magnificent example of this sought after microscope dating from dating leitz binoculars mid s This one has excellent paint work and chrome. The best binocular tests on the net. They are used, were brought back from europe a long time ago.

According to Dennis Laney’s book, there were IIIc’s produced in , and in ; 3 ‘s in and 19 in ; IIId’s in and 11 in There were a few half-frame cameras produced in Canada in the ‘s with wartime serial numbers , – , The idea that all wartime cameras had numbers below , is conveneint but apparently wrong. Several sources indicate some cameras were produced after WWII with serial numbers below , For example, , – , correspond to Standards produced from through as late as There are II’s and IIIa’s with numbers below , produced between and according to Rogliatti and others.

Similar lens production numbers are listed in several sources indicating that 28mm Hektor, 35mm and 50mm Elmar, 50mm Summitar and several long focus lenses as well as Visoflex lenses were produced in the very late years of the War. Regarding “denazification” of the history of many German companies, this is certain and clearly disengenuous at best.

A Fine 19th Cent. Double Barrel Breech Loading, 11 Bore Hammer Shot Gun.

For more than 80 years his photos have remained undiscovered and unseen — until now. On display are several precious and historical photos which have remained unseen to the world for many years. These photographs record incredible images of old China through the power of aerial photography. Visitors will experience a special exhibition encapsulating the past and blazing a new trail towards a brighter future in photography.

Castell has become a legend, not just because of his aerial photography but also because of the precious images he captured. With his Leica camera he was able to capture China through a tumultuous time.

Jan 25,  · Binoculars:7×35=5mm exit pupil diameter,7×50=7mm exit pupil diameter,10×50=5mm exit pupil diameter,10×70=7mm exit pupil diameter. For normal use 7×35 and 10×50 are typical,for low light-dusk-astronomy 7×50 and 10×70 are typical. ship binoculars are normally 7×50,10x

Leitz Ortholux Black Enamel Microscope. It is quite possible to assemble substantial documentation on manuals, accessories, optics etc giving the user detailed knowledge on the microscope. Here I give a tour and some hands on thoughts on using the scope perhaps with the aim in mind of giving details that may be of useful to microscopists considering it as their next purchase. At first glance seen in pictures on the web, brochures or books, the would be purchaser may consider it of large and heavy build, although substantial using a light alloy casting, it is perhaps smaller than one would think measuring Side by side a Zeiss Photomicroscope seems noticeably larger, in fact on some desks or work tops it may need a plinth beneath the base to raise to sufficient height for comfortable viewing.

It also has a relatively small footprint due to its ‘T’ shaped base allowing low slung controls, although it is quite deep due to the protruding lamp housing at the rear. Provided you are not moving it about many times it can transported short distances with a comfortable grip around the upper limb and support beneath, preferably with the lamp assembly removed. Schematic of earlier Ortholux with single lamp.

Ernst Leitz Wetzlar documentation. Note the lack of field iris, swing-in auxiliary lens and diverter mirror for epi-illumination. The lens after the lamp filament is frosted. Three variants of the Ortholux black enamel stand are to be found, the older one dating back to the late ‘s when the Ortholux was introduced, this has a single external lamp house attached to the base the light of which can be directable by lever allowing epi-illumination.

With no field diaphragm this is ideally suited to the Berek condenser for routine work.

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This proposed General Permit is limited to the construction, operation and modification o f HMA plants that are located at facilities for which a valid mining permit or an air qualit y operating permit exists for the operation of the facility. The proposed General Permit contains conditions that prescribe applicability, emission limitations, compliance, notification, monitoring, record keeping, reporting and administrative requirements. Proof of the municipal notice must accompany the application subsequently submitted to the Department.

E LEITZ WETZLAR BINOCULARS. Lot #15 (Sale Order 15 of ) 12X L25, Large and very heavy, 8 1/2″ in length, These are German made and probably field glasses from WWI, they show wear from use and missing the neck strap, they work very well, the leather case is missing its shoulder strap and the closing strap has been redone, it does not lock only to open/close.

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Soviet Journal of Optical Technology, 45 10 , Oct. As I am preparing a text about this theme, I would appreciate any suggestion on collimation literature. The binocular arrived out of collimation, as usual with used items.

E leitz wetzlar binoculars serial numbers. Anyone help me with Leica serial numbers. I have a pair of 8x32BA and am looking at buying a pair of Leitz 8×20 for travelling. Any information (website etc) that i could use would be a great help. Yes, serial number of my 8x32BA is but have seen another pair in a local shop second hand and.

How to Spotting Scopes Work? Spotting Scope is a type of telescope typically used for observing wild animals and birds. A spotting scope features more magnification than a conventional binocular but less than an astronomical telescope. The utility of a spotting scope becomes most obvious when the identification of an animal going in a large herd is required. Figuring out a specific animal from other look-alike animals becomes easy with such a device.

For digiscoping purposes, few things can beat the power of spotting scopes. It is possible by using binoculars or telescopes to take a closer look at birds or other animals, but if you want a precise view of your target animal, a spotting scope is preferable. Spotting Scope Features Explained Objective lens Objective lens, also known as the Front lens, determines the image quality at higher magnifications.

The diameter of this lens ranges from mm in size. It is also called “Aperture” of the lens. It is wise to buy the highest size of the objective lens considering its weight. Larger lenses allow to pass more light and create more bright images.

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