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When you ‘get your eye in’ you will find that different sized bricks, and especially bricks where the sides are in a different ratio, stand out and catch your eye, even before you resort to a ruler. Several things influenced the size of bricks. They mustn’t be too big, or they will be too heavy and awkward to pick up with one hand, while applying mortar with a trowel held in the other. They mustn’t be too small, or a wall will need more of them, and more mortar, and more time to lay it. In modern times most bricks in UK are made to a standard size of 65x Some early medieval bricks were as big as 13″x6″x2″. What upset the apple cart was a brick tax imposed by the government in The tax was paid per brick, so brick makers responded by making much larger bricks, which meant fewer were needed for a given size wall. The government later set an upper limit of cubic inches 10″x5″x3″ for a ‘brick, which was still much larger than bricks had been before the tax. The tax was repealed in , but by this time, many brick makers, especially in the Midlands and North, had moved from hand-made to machine-made bricks.

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The Island’s brickmaking history has been subject to considerable research over past decades. This page incudes much of the available information on brickmakers and their works, together with some general guidance on brickmaking methods. The Island’s brick collection was started by the late Brian Evans.

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Dating historic buildings Broadly speaking there are three methods of dating. Buildings are often roughly datable by their style. See the style section of this website for an introduction and bibliography, with pages and bibliographies on specific styles. Dating by style depends on having a corpus of firmly dated examples. How are these firmly dated? Mostly exact dating derives from original documents or plans which give a building date. These could include architect’s plans, building accounts or contemporary descriptions of the building in the course of erection, or newly built.

This site gives guidance on researching documentary evidence. Beginners might like to start with the basics of researching an historic building. Physical evidence from the building itself could include an exact date, either from an inscription or dendrochronology. A date may appear on a datestone over the door, or on particular items, such as lead drainpipes, or materials such as bricks, which may have the maker’s name stamped within the frog.

Dendrochronology can give the exact year in which timber is felled and is especially useful for vernacular buildings that are hard to date by style.

Fire and water reveal new archaeological dating method

The Register The most comprehensive survey ever taken of the British population was carried out on 29 September , on the eve of war with Germany. If there had been no war, or a short war, the census would have been taken as planned in Instead the administrative framework of the census was used to create the Register. The original resposes in the National Archives, but has now been digitised and became available recently via Findmypast. This new arrival provided a good opportunity to update my coverage of the online hosts of the census returns too, all to be found on the page covering sources for houses.

The Laboratory has considerable experience in the dating of sediments and pottery and offers a service for luminescence dating of archaeological, environmental and Quaternary geological contexts. This includes optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of sediments as well ceramics (pottery, brick, tile, etc), and burnt stones.

Tottenham moved to White Hart Lane in , renovating it from a disused nursery owned by brewery chain Charringtons Highbury: Arsenal’s former ground, where they played until before moving to the newly-built Emirates Stadium Hampden Park: The stadium in Glasgow has a capacity of over 51, and serves as Scotland’s national ground St Andrews: Home to Derby County F.

Pride Park was renamed the iPro Stadium in , as part of a year sponsorship deal with global sports drink company iPro Portman Road: Ipswich’s ground has a capacity of more than 30, and has been home to the football club since Glanford Park: The ground has been the home of professional club Portsmouth F. Home to Glasgow Rangers, it is the third largest football stadium in Scotland,having an all-seated capacity of 50, Greenhous Meadow: The ground is home to Millwall Football Club and is the sixth ground the club ahs occupied since it was formed Celtic Park: Home to Glasgow Celtic, the ground has a capacity of 60, and is the largest football stadium in Sctoland Carrow Road: Home to Norwich City F.

It has been the home of Watford since , when the club moved from Cassio Road Dedicated: Chris Smith is seen in the construction stage while creating a Lego model of Liverpool’s iconic ground Anfield Selhurst Park: Home to Crystal Palace and seating 26, , the stadium was also used by Wimbledon F.

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Download the PDF Masonry—brick, stone, terra-cotta, and concrete block—is found on nearly every historic building. Structures with all-masonry exteriors come to mind immediately, but most other buildings at least have masonry foundations or chimneys. Although generally considered “permanent,” masonry is subject to deterioration, especially at the mortar joints.

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The ironworks closed in , and in the entire concern, including the brick works, was bought by the Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co, thanks to Lawrence Skuse for the info. Photo by Richard Paterson who adds: After nationalisation of the coal industry in , many of the previous owners, such as Powell Dyffryn, restructured or diversified, often selling or closing activities ancillary to coal mining, like brickworks.

However, the Aberaman Works was still operating in October Eventually the brickworks became the Aberdare Brick Company and had a number of owners, probably including Powell Duffryn, who owned the Aberaman brickworks, some three miles down the Cynon Valley. The ABC works closed in December and the extensive site is now January being turned over to housing.

Photo and info by Richard Paterson. In the same year he is also listed as manufacturing fire bricks. According to Nansi Selwood’s excellent ‘History of the Villages of Hirwaun and Rhigos’, the firm made bricks from silica brought via a dedicated mineral line from two quarries, Yr Eithin and Y Foel, in Penderyn. The bricks were reputedly of high quality and won a prize at the Paris Exhibition, though a flourishing export trade ended with the outbreak of WW1 as the bricks were required for use on the home front.

Info by Mike Stokes and Richard Paterson. The London Gazette records that the ‘New Alteryn Company’ was put into voluntary liquidation in , presumably as a result of the acquisition of the works by the Star Group.

Victorian buildings: a spotters’ guide

Bricks for the Self Builder For centuries bricks were moulded by hand in wooden moulds. These were four sided and rectangular in shape with no base or lid. Moulds were placed either directly on the ground or on a roughly made brickmakers table. Bricks made on the ground are generally pre 19th cent.

A furious row has broken out in the construction industry about bricks, as new figures revealed the number of homes completed stuttered in the last quarter.

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His findings disclosed numerous brands of Scotch made firebrick. I would suspect that the reason for finding as much Scotch firebrick as the case appears to be, may be be attributed to the early development of the “Iron Age” in Europe. That took place before the iron age began here. With this in mind, we may suspect that the manufacture of firebrick also developed in support of the iron industry in Europe.

Delving into building history. Would you like to find out more about the history of your house? Do you want to research any historic building? Is it in the United Kingdom or Ireland?

Airbnb has just unveiled a brand new listing for a house Basically, it’s every Lego superfan’s dream home. The two-bedroom house has some seriously awesome features. Kids are sure to love the child’s bedroom with its colourful decor including a bed in the middle of a LEGO brick-filled pool next to a ‘waterfall’, as well as a LEGO teddy bear, story book and games next to the nightstand. Meanwhile adults can stay in the other bedroom, also featuring a bed in a LEGO pool, with quirky touches including a brick newspaper and breakfast tray for the morning.

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